Setting- Its Double-Meaning

So, you’re writing along. Your fugitive characters have holed themselves up in a B&B for the night and finally have a chance to breathe. The most natural thing to address next in your plot is the forbidden, yet growing attraction between your young adults.

There is just one problem. You are sitting at Monkey Bizness trying to keep an eye on your two “refusing to nap” boys.

I tried writing at this setting on Tuesday, and it went fine. I was interrupted a lot, but the scene that I was working on at the time was full of suspense and adventure. It was easily picked back up every time I sat back down and grabbed my pen.

Tonight, my flow went something like this:

…When her cheeks turned pink…

“Hmm, I haven’t been able to see Charlie for a few minutes…” Gets up to look for him. “Oh, just in the bounce house. Okay.”

…he added, “Sorry.”

Hannah looked as though she were about to…

“William! Don’t you dare kick that little boy! I don’t care if he knocked over your tower. Time out!”

say something, then paused. Her…

“Oh, Charlie, you want some water? Okay. Careful! Don’t spill it!”

blue eyes peered into his and…

“Charlie, where are you going now? Why did you go out that door just to go back in another? Go PLAY!”

he heard someone say,…

“Wait, William! You have to tell me when you’re going into the bathroom!”

”You saved our lives.”…

“Oh! Look at the adorable way that toddler walks!”

Needless to say, though I could picture the scene in my mind, it was awful trying to get it out on paper.

Where are some of the worst places you have found yourself writing?



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2 responses to “Setting- Its Double-Meaning

  1. I don’t know if I could keep my “settings” separated. LOL. Sometimes I accidentally end up writing what someone near me is saying instead of what I’m thinking,

    • lol, Cherie, I guess you are the kind that need a nice quiet room to write in then. I can write pretty much anywhere I guess as song as there aren’t too many people actually trying to interrupt me. 😉

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