Running In Heels

Somehow, I don’t think these would have helped either. Image attributed to Oxfordian Kissuth via Wikimedia Commons

I’m back to what happened last week, with writing my post on Monday morning. As full as my past week was, I think I can be excused. But still, I apologize for the late post.

My cousin’s wedding was Saturday, and it was beautiful (as expected :D). I made mistakes playing my harp for the ceremony, but I know they were the kind of mistakes that only I and maybe some other musicians noticed.

I felt that old irrational feeling of my heart racing as I played. I say ‘irrational’ because no one is really totally focused on me, though they will come over and listen to a few of the songs that I play before the ceremony. They are there for the event and I’m the pretty background music. Besides, this was family!

Nevertheless, my fingers get as cold as if I’m walking through a blizzard with no gloves. I have to focus harder to make the songs sound smooth. Inevitably, about ten minutes after I’m done, my fingers finally ‘thaw.’

*contented sigh*

It may have been better if my morning had gone smoother, but here’s a little story to give an idea of how I was feeling:

After I bought my dress and got my hair done, I went to JC Penny’s to find matching suits for our boys. The store had signs for all the children’s sizes except for what my boys currently fit into. Go figure. After asking a clerk, I was led to some adorable suit sets, so I got matching ones. I will dress my boys alike as much as I can while I can get away with it. It’s as cute as I can get without having a little girl to put in a sweet frilly dress.

I don’t think my boys or my husband would appreciate it if I got them dresses…

Thirty minutes before we were ready to leave, disaster complication struck. William’s suit was missing its tie! My boys would not be perfectly matched and it would irk me for the rest of the day. *grumble*

Fortunately, Penny’s is only five miles away, so we swung by on our way out and I ran in. Unfortunately, they were also remodeling so the closest door that I could use was on the opposite side of the store from where I bought the suits. Hubby offered to run in for me, but seeing as it took me forever to find the suits in the first place, I figured I should do it.

So I’m running through a busy Penny’s on a Saturday afternoon, all dolled up, and trying very hard to ignore the pain in my feet. I’d worn those shoes before and even added cushioned inserts to them, but I usually wear them to church where I sit most of the time. I grabbed the tie (I’d called ahead), and ran back to the car.

For the rest of the day and ever since, I’ve felt like I’ve been walking on marbles. My hubby was super duper sweet last night and prepared a foot bath with salts, and then massaged my feet with mineral oil. Love! ❤

It’s been totally worth it. I had the honor of playing for my cousin’s ceremony and relished spending time with family, some of whom I hadn’t seen in many years.

What are some ways you’ve made yourself completely uncomfortable but would do it all over again for the sake of loved ones?

2 thoughts on “Running In Heels

  1. Your husband gets extra points for that foot massage.
    But he’s also making it tougher on the rest of us guys.
    Tell him to stop being so considerate.

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