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Kid Stuff for Friday Fun!

Didn't you know that applesauce is an excellent conditioner?
Didn’t you know that applesauce is an excellent conditioner?

In an effort to be more active on my blog, I thought it might be fun to make Fridays devoted to the funny things in life. So far I’ve got TONS of great stuff from the silly and sweet things my kids say and do. They make me laugh everyday so I doubt that I’ll run out of things to post. I hope you enjoy their antics as much as I do! 😀


William: You can be my super hero, Mommy!

Daddy: Can I be your super hero too?

William: No, because you’re a boy.

William- Age 3


At the YMCA, Charlie and I “play basketball.” The volleyball net is still up and every time Charlie walks underneath it he ducks his head as if he were playing the limbo. He’s at least 2 feet shorter than the net.

Charlie- Age 1


Charlie channels his “inner Fudd” and comes running in from the window that looks out to our backyard yelling, “Wabbit, Mommy, Wabbit!”

Charlie- Age 3


Sweet conversation before bed:

Me: Did you like your party yesterday?

William: It was the best birthday party ever!

Me: Even better than Chuck E. Cheese?

William: Yes! (Gives me a hug and after a few moments adds,) I liked it the best because you were there.

William- Age 5

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?

4 thoughts on “Kid Stuff for Friday Fun!

  1. Oh, so cute. I love the things little ones say at this age.

    My little guy (he’s almost 4) told me the other day that he was talking to his boss on the phone. When I asked what he (the boss) was saying, he looked at me funny and replied, “No, mama, my boss is a SHE.”

    Apparently, I’m raising a little feminist.

    1. lol! Amber! My 5 year old says similar things. According to him, Daddy is the boss of Mommy, Mommy is the boss of William, and William is the boss of Charlie (who is 3).

      1. Ha! My guy (Jonas) is an only child, so he has a similar org chart – except that he is the boss of Dudley (the dog) and Idris and Kist (the cats).

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