More Kid Stuff for Friday Fun!

Napping... Marty McFly style.

Napping… Marty McFly style.

“Look, it’s half a hat!” This was William’s exclaimation while helping me do laundry. He had picked out one of my bras.

William- Age 5
Charlie: Mommy, I have a problem.

Mommy: What’s wrong?

Charlie: I need milk!

Charlie- Age 3
“Once upon a time, poop, the end.”

William- Age 4
William: I can go outside now because I’m already dressed!

Charlie: I can’t go outside yet because I’m not ready dressed!

Charlie- Age 3

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?



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4 responses to “More Kid Stuff for Friday Fun!

  1. Kids come up with some of the cutest things. If we as adults slept like that we wouldn’t be able to move the next day. I love your blogs Shea. And I love ya’ll 🙂

  2. JoAnn Timmins McIntosh

    These tissues say they are reuseable Mom.
    They say what?
    They say resealable, silly.
    Shea McIntosh Ford age 8

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