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Surviving the Apocalypse – Henry Bemis Style

I totally sympathised with this quirky guy.

When I read Piper Bayard’s apocalyptic blogger challenge to celebrate the release of her new book, Firelands, the first thing that came to my mind was The Twilight’s Zone’s Time Enough at Last. Then I thought, “Whether or not I win, what a fun topic for a blog post!” Although if I were surrounded by people who hated my love of reading books, I would think I’d already found myself in the twilight zone.

Henry Bemis. Yep, minus the Coke bottle glasses, that’s me.

Well yeah, and minus the dreadful domineering spouse.

Pretending that there is no radiation sickness, I’d probably do the same as Mr. Bemis. However, since I don’t smoke, I probably wouldn’t fall asleep with a lit cigarette in my hand. First, I would have thrown a fit that I’d downsized my print books in favor of having them in my Kindle to save space for my dear hubby. Then I’d look for the library. I love to re-read books, so a library tends to be last in my thoughts for book finding. I prefer to own them. But I would, like Mr. Bemis, organize my books by order of preference to read per month.

Hence the need for a very large wheelbarrow.

Honestly, what fun is it to read a book and not have anyone with which to discuss it? I mean yeah, reading is fun anyway, so I’d probably spend my first couple of weeks doing only that, but then I’d need someone to talk to. Even if they were as unresponsive to it as my hubby, who primarily enjoys non-fiction.

Friends, readers, survivors, lend me your ears!

Cue a second mourning for humanity. Eventually, you would find me wheeling through the rubble, choking on the acrid fumes of burning stuff, trying valiantly to keep my stack of books from tipping every few feet, and desperately looking for Henry Bemis.

What’s that? You think we should try to plant a vegetable garden so that we can have fresh food? Um, I think I saw a book on that somewhere around here, let me look. *Finds a copy of Pride and Prejudice and sits for hours lost in the language.*

Sorry, I’m not sure how good an apocalyptic companion I’d be. I’d probably drive the other survivor(s) crazy.

Would you be my apocolyptic reading companion? Would you abandon me for someone more practical?

4 thoughts on “Surviving the Apocalypse – Henry Bemis Style

  1. LOL. What a great take on the apocalypse! I’d like to think I would be one of those people valiantly out scrabbling for a few roots and squirrels to cook, always keeping up my determination to survive. Truth is, though, I would probably be overwhelmed and hide in a book. So yes, I’ll be your reading companion. 🙂

    Thanks so much for your entry! I really appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

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