Those Silly Kids – Friday Fun

We caught a fish "this" big!

We caught a fish “this” big!

After reading Charlie a bedtime story, I said, “Time for night-night.”

Charlie protested and said, “No! Read it again!”

“No, Charlie. It’s time to go to sleep.”

He then turned over the bucket he was holding. It was given to us by a friend and had the friend’s name written on the bottom. Charlie pointed at it and drew his finger across the name. He said slowly as if reading, “It says, ‘Read it again.'”

Charlie- Age 3


After trimming the backyard, I had to rub my eyes with a towel because the sweat mixed with sunscreen and made my eyes sting. William studied me and then said, “Your face looks pretty! You look like a princess!”

I hope he keeps that attitude for his future wife! 😀

William- Age 5


When Charlie was a baby, a friend came over to watch the boys for me while I went to a doctor appointment. When I came back, she was terribly worried. She said, “I don’t know what happened! He didn’t cry or anything, but he must have bumped his lip somehow! It’s all red!”

I laughed. I’d forgotten to point out his funny birthmark.

Charlie- Approx. 4 months


“That’s cat food,” William announced as we watched the 4th of July edition of How Its Made. I tried to figure out where he got the idea that charcoal is cat food.

Finally, the narrator said, “…that make up charcoal briquettes.”

William then turned to me and said, “See? He said, ‘charcoal for cats.'”

William- Age 5

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?


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