Wackiness – Friday Fun

I got this. Let me at those fires...

I got this. Let me at those fires…

Toddler terms:

Wagel soup – translation “water suit” i.e. swimsuit.

William- Age 1


William: When Daddy gets home, he needs to cut a big rectangle in the door and we can sell popcicles from it.

Mommy: Like a stationary ice cream truck?

William: Yeah! And he needs to put a flag on the roof with popcicles on it so everyone knows to come and buy them from us.

William- Age 5


Charlie wanted to play with his friend, Gigi, but she wasn’t home. Then it was time to eat dinner. We let him say the prayer before eating and while our customary ending is “In Jesus name, amen,” he instead said, “In Gigi’s name, amen.”

Charlie- Age 3


When I first introduced the Gerber snacks to William, I put one in my hand and he took it, but would miss getting it into his mouth. I put it back in my hand and he tried again. He missed three more times and then finally just brought MY hand to his mouth instead. He got it that time! 😀

William- Approx. 5-6 months

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?


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