Friday Fun

Coming Back For Friday Fun!

"Hmm, Orwell's dystopia seems to be a commentary warning the West of the dangers of totalitarianism."
“Hmm, Orwell’s dystopia seems to be a commentary warning the West of the dangers of totalitarianism.”

My apologies for the unexpected blogcation. This last glutening put me on my rear. But I’m finally feeling better and what better way to return than to do it for Friday Fun! So without further ado…

William: Fibary rhymes with library!

Mom: What’s a fibary?

William: It’s a helicopter that transforms into a house when it sees a bad guy.

Mom (thinking): Maybe he’s remembering the beginning to The Wizard of Oz…

William- Age 5


Charlie asked for ice water and with every sip he would say, “Look how cold my teeth are!” Then he’d open wide for me to see.

Charlie- Age 3


William: Fat and faf rhyme!

Mommy: What’s a faf?

William: It’s a kind of instrument that you play with sticks and it’s made of lots of other instruments. There’s a drum, trumpet, violin, piano, and… what’s the one where you squeeze the bag to make the air go through?

Mommy: A bagpipe?

William: Yeah! That’s also on a faf.

Mommy: You just totally reminded me of when I came up with the Blabacca.

We then talked about the creature I made up when I was six of an animal that was make of all kinds of other animal parts. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! 😀

William- Age 5


Normally we don’t like when Charlie screams. He reaches a pitch that would make any female opera singer jealous and I’m glad we don’t have any crystal in the house. But then there are those times when he says, “Tickle me, Mommy!” His screaming seems more bearable when it’s broken with belly laughter. 😀

Charlie- Age 3

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?


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