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Is It Possible? Guess We’ll See… Friday Fun!

Right activity; wrong location.
Right activity; wrong location.

With William in school for most of the day, and Charlie giving me at least two hours of quiet time, I’ve been a bit hard-pressed to find humorous post-worthy material. Oh, they still make me laugh, like when Charlie mispronounces words with such confidence or “helps” me vacuum the car by picking up cracker pieces with his fingers and feeding them through the “sucker” one by one. But we’ve hit a kind of comedic dry spell ’round here.

So I’ll share with you a conversation I had with myself as a result of Charlie’s napless day yesterday. Because that’s what I do best – worry without reason.

Yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for NaNoWriMo (which I struggle to type without mistakes). What this means is that I’ll be writing the entire first draft of my next novel during the month of November. Naturally, my brain split in two during the consideration. This is the conversation I had with myself:

Rational Side pumps her fist in the air and says, “You can do it! You’ve got at least 2 hours a day now!”

But Hyperventilating Overly Cautious Side gives me a quick slap and says, “Are you crazy? Charlie’s not even napping today! What if he’s like this all through November?”

Rational Side flings up a superior hand. “Bah, that’s a fluke. First of all it’s a full moon tonight. Of course he’s not going to nap today. Secondly, you weren’t thinking and let him eat honey at lunchtime. He’ll nap in November. Besides, he still obeys “quiet time” even if he doesn’t sleep.”

“But what if he glutens you again?”

“Then you’ll do the best you can.”

“What about research? That takes time! The next book is set partly during the Civil War after all.”

“Do the research beforehand. Turn off Candy Crush. Better yet, delete it from the Nook all together.”

Overly Cautious Side balks. “Oh come on, as long as you don’t play Candy Crush during the two hours, you’re good.” She crosses her arms defiantly. Then she casts a worried look at Rational Side and says, “Right?”

“Um, no. Because then you won’t get the house work done before or after the two hours. Then you’ll spend the two hours cleaning instead.”

“Good point. But what about blogging? You have enough trouble coming up with a topic every week. How are you going to handle that and get the book done?

Rational Side sits at the computer and scrolls through Twitter. “Ooh, looky here what I’ve found!”


“It’s a contest for a manuscript evaluation for NaNoWriMo. And look what you have to do: write a blog post ahead of time for each of these topics to be posted throughout the month of November. Win-win!”

Overly Cautious Side looks at the promising list of topics. She slumps her shoulders and sighs. However, she smiles when she says, “Okay.”

Have your kids driven you to have arguments with yourself? Which side won?

6 thoughts on “Is It Possible? Guess We’ll See… Friday Fun!

  1. My oldest is 12. Last year all she did was question whether or not I was actually writing a book because she never saw me (my response – if I tried to write when you were awake you would interrupt me every five seconds). Then when I actually needed the viewpoint of a 12 year old (I write middle grade), she would just shrug and say she didn’t care. We’ll see how November goes when she has to start feeding herself – and her little brother while I NaNo.

    1. Haha! I hope my boys will read my books one day, especially The Stone of Kings. But I totally get what you mean about them pestering you when writing. Too bad that it doesn’t sound as if it gets better as they get older. 😉

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