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Tryin’ To Keep Things Happy

Teach the children well… Image attributed to ChrisTheDude via Wikimedia Commons.

Yeah, it’s 10 pm Sunday night, I still don’t know exactly what I want to post about for Monday. Well, actually, I’d like to talk about the idiocy of certain Alabama sorority alumni. But I don’t want to get negative.

Instead, I’d like to commend those students who took a stand against those who only look at the color of someone’s skin. Especially Melanie Gotz, who from what I can tell helped to get the ball rolling on desegregating UA chapters of those sororities.

It’s so sad that this issue still needs addressed.

Oh, to live in the world of my kid’s TV programming. Our favorite is Peppa Pig where everything ends in everyone falling down in giggles or jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Honestly, those prejudiced Alabama sorority alumni could learn a lot from that show.

Hmm, it’s interesting that I find a preschool programme to be smarter than a college sorority alumnus. I’d like to think that means that there’s hope for the future. 🙂

But maybe it’s not to late for them.

I have a suggestion. Since the policies of the sororities “prohibits discrimination on the basis of race,” then those who express discrimination ought to be “instructed” before being allowed to further identify with the sorority.

They should have to watch the “Delphine Donkey” episode of Peppa Pig and then appropriately answer these questions:

1. What did Daddy Pig learn from Delphine Donkey about his so-called expertise on the English language?

Responses should resemble statements such as, “Just because you think you’re superior doesn’t mean you actually are.”

2. What were the implications of Delphine singing Peppa to sleep?

Responses should resemble statements such as, “Just because someone’s different, from another country even, doesn’t mean they can’t contribute something for the benefit of others.”

3. What lesson can we learn from the “Bing Bong Song?”

Responses should resemble statements such as, “It’s okay to be silly, and it’s easier, and more fun, to be silly if some of us are a little different from others.”

What do you think about the Alabama sororities finally taking the steps to desegregate themselves? Do you have a question to add to the test?

3 thoughts on “Tryin’ To Keep Things Happy

    1. Isn’t it crazy? They must have missed the memo that the ’50s are long gone. My hubby’s from Kansas too. He’s the one who brought the story to my attention because he was shocked that it was happening.

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