All About Charlie – Friday Fun

One of my favorites. Love that little pucker! :D

One of my favorite pictures. Love that little pucker! 😀

Since William is gone most of the day, it’s up to Charlie to keep me laughing. He’s very good at his job. Three of these anecdotes happened on the same day this past week. And while the first story isn’t so much a funny anecdote, I was just so impressed with how well he did, I had to share.


Charlie needed blood work done, and as I drove him to the lab, I tried to decide when was the best time to explain that he was about to have a needle in his arm. I finally did and Charlie said, in his usual happy manner, “Okay.” Meanwhile I worried that my explanation didn’t sink in.

When he was sitting in my lap in the chair, we both watched intently as the technician tied the tourniquet on his skinny little arm. That poor kid was so dehydrated, when she stuck the needle in the first time, she couldn’t find his vein. Even when she was digging around for it, all Charlie did was whimper. No squirming, no crying! Finally she gave up and I was sure that when they stuck him the second time, he would squirm.

He proved me wrong! Just a little more whimpering and when it was done, no pouting! He was all smiles. I was so proud of him! 😀


Charlie, opening the refrigerator door: I want Thomas.

Mommy: Thomas isn’t in the fridge. He’s in the toy box.

Charlie: But I want Thomas!

Mommy, following his pointing finger: Oh! You want hummus!


For weeks William has been asking me to place his Lego creations up on high shelves when he’s at school so that Charlie can’t break them. Charlie finally caught on and asked me to place his favorite toy on the shelf so that William couldn’t steal it.


Charlie was being silly and chuckled out some laughter that sounded just like Randy from A Christmas Story; the part when the character was imitating a pig. Well, it just tickled me so that I couldn’t breathe to answer his confused question, “What’s so funny Mommy?”

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?



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  1. love it. He looks so sweet

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