Friday Fun

…Early To Rise, Makes A Kid…Well, Silly – Friday Fun!

If I can disguise myself as a mossy stump, maybe I can get into the park...
If I can disguise myself as a mossy stump, maybe I can get into the park…

The government shutdown put a bit of a damper on our trip to northern Georgia this past week. We weren’t able to see all the waterfalls that we wanted to, and it’s interesting how we didn’t think about that before we left Florida. Still, we had a good time in Helen, and I didn’t even let the fact that I missed posting for Wednesday Welcomes this week bother me too much.

During the trip, William woke up no later than 6:30 every morning. Unlike his brother, once he’s up, he’s up. One morning, Charlie woke up at 5, and fortunately fell back asleep. But not before wagging his head back and forth singing, “Do the Propeller” by The Wiggles.

An hour later, William woke up looking for the phone. He wanted to call Grandma Joey (JoAnn) to thank her for the cookies (which he hadn’t yet received). It took about 10 minutes to convince him that Grandma Joey was still asleep and that he could thank her when he saw her in person (and actually ate the cookies).

Unrelated funny thing I happened to think of…

William was walking ahead of me in a department store which had white tile flooring. The tile ended to black stone and he stopped short. I asked him what was wrong. He looked up at me with a serious expression and said, “There’s a hole there.”

“A hole? Where?”

He pointed to the black stone floor. “There. How do we get across?”

Hee hee! I’d love to see what he makes of those optical illusion chalk drawings. 😀

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?

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