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#5 How Did You Get Started Writing

Image via Wikimedia Commons
Image via Wikimedia Commons

Hee hee. I remember being six years old and sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table when I composed the following:

Oh, Miss Dog, please marry me,

For I have not seen a flea.

I beg you on one knee,

Please will you marry me?

Soon after I started a short story called The Blabbacca about an animal made of all sorts of other animal parts. And no, I hadn’t even heard of Frankenstein at that time.

Guess I had a thing for animals.

I later went on to write more short stories and poetry through high school. I was part of a creative writing pilot program at Pinellas County Center for the Arts. But a book? Pfff! How could I ever draw my ideas out for that long?

Then, I started working for Verizon. While it was a great job, it was so dismally dry for me creatively, that my brain finally started screaming, “Write something! Please!”

“Okay! Okay!” So pulled out my trusty journal before my brain got out the big wooden spoon. I was mostly through writing Harp Lessons, when I came up with the idea for The Stone of Kings.

The book ideas multiplied like rabbits after that.

But seriously, that first draft of Harp Lessons (though I was super proud of myself for having written something that long) was so rough, you could have sliced an artery on it. The only writing craft book that I’d read at that point was Steven King’s On Writing. While a great book, my skills needed (and still need) a lot more polishing.

But I got lucky.

Astraea Press took pity a chance with me and helped me tighten my story a little more and in the meantime, they introduced me to wonderful bloggers like Kristen Lamb and voice-of-reason editors like Kay Springsteen. I’ve been reading craft books with as much relish as if they were episodes of Law & Order: SVU.

So yeah, I’m still “getting started.” 😉

[This post was written as a part of the NaNoWriMo Pre-game Kick Off over at Jessica Schmeidler’s blog.]

NaNo word count: 3,806 Gah!


2 thoughts on “#5 How Did You Get Started Writing

  1. He he! I’ve never been called a “voice of reason editor” before! And I’m glad you came on board at Astraea Press! You’ve been a wonderful addition to the team, as much for your books as for the fun you bring to our wild and crazy (behind closed virtual “doors”) author’s group.

    1. Aw, thanks Kay! And really, you are like a tether of rationality to a writer’s outer space imagination. Without you, I think many of us would float off into oblivion. 😉 I love being a part of AP! My writing definitely feels improved upon since I’ve joined.

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