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#10 Favorite Blogging Buddy Shout-Out

If you’ll be my milkshake buddy, can I be your blogging buddy? Image attributed to Clintus from Surprise, AZ, USA via Wikimedia Commons.

Hmm. Okay. I didn’t realize that one could have a blogging buddy. When I think of blogging buddies, I think of Four Foxes One Hound where there are five bloggers for one blog and each person writes a post for a specified topic that week.

I’m over here by my witty bitty self, just trying to come up with something really interesting to say every Monday. Guests handle Wednesdays and my kids usually handle Friday (when they’re not crawling up my legs instead).

I have a lot of writer friends from Astraea Press who blog (Four Foxes One Hound in particular), and I follow several other writer’s blogs. But I’m not sure I have a buddy per se. I’m not really a loner…more of an outsider. I’ll observe you, your group, laugh at your jokes, even tell a few of my own, but I’ll never really have a…connection. The only person I’ve really ever had a connection with (outside of blood family) is my hubby who, well, doesn’t blog.

So, how to write this post?

I guess maybe talk about my all-time favorite blogger? Well, hands down, that’s Kristen Lamb. You don’t even have to be remotely interested in writing to enjoy her blog. Anyone who can make me laugh out loud about her father’s ashes and her mother’s plans for taxidermy is well worth the read.

And if you do want to be a successful author? Well, look no further. Kristen Lamb is the Jillian Michaels of writing coaches. On the rare occasions when she goes on a blogcation or on the weekends when I need a good swift kick in the writing pants, I’ll go back through her archives and look for something inspiring. I’m never disappointed. And it helps to ease the pain of the Kristen Lamb withdrawals. 😉 I would love to say that she would be my buddy, and if she ever offered, it would be more like me hanging on her every humourous word and being too start struck to offer my own.

[This post was written as a part of the NaNoWriMo Pre-game Kick Off over at Jessica Schmeidler’s blog.]

NaNo word count: 8,031. Yeah. While everyone else was a-thoning, I was simply too semi-unexpectedly busy. But starting Monday, schedule’s wiiiide open. 😀

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