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#11 Financial Realities of Writing

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Hee hee, maybe I should let hubby take the reins on this one…

Okay, okay, I know it’s my contest contribution, not his. But he’s the ultra-practical one in our relationship and usually has a lot to say on the subject. I can be pretty practical myself. I’m a couponer. I only have a few pairs of shoes that I’ll wear until they start to fall apart. I made a partial switch to e-books, to save shelf space.

But I’m afraid I’m not so practical with my writing.

I’ve got to let the voices in my head have their say on paper or else I might implode. So, sometimes it means “spending money” to accommodate them. Though I never really thought about what I was doing as spending money, till hubby brought it up.

The chief financial culprits (for me) are taking the kids places so that I can write. The best place for this is the Y. I was already taking them there whenever I have an accidental glutening, because they get supervised play for two hours while I get to curl into a ball and wish for death. But it works as a great writing place too. They have wifi if I ever have to use the internet to look up anything, and black water coffee in the mornings.

But it’s ten miles away. Since I’m not exercising or writhing in pain (or both, if I’ve done the former), hubby considers that a “writing expense.” I consider it an avoidance of spontaneous combustion, but to each is own.

The other expense that I’ve discovered while writing The Stone of Kings is extra research material. Turlough O’Carolan is a character in my book and I didn’t want to misrepresent him. But try as I might, I could not find a library nearby that could even order his biography for me. So yeah, I had to plunk down $35 for that one. Hubby might not see it my way, but it was well worth the investment.

The only other expense I’ve encountered (according to hubby) is time. Now, he likes to chill out as much as the next guy, but hubby has no hobby. Well, no day-to-day hobby, that is. He really likes to travel, so to him time is more or less money. Apparently, I spend too much of it researching and writing.

Such is life.

[This post was written as a part of the NaNoWriMo Pre-game Kick Off over at Jessica Schmeidler’s blog.]

NaNo word count: 8,031 yet again. Unless I have some kind of freak accident, I promise I’ll have time to write today!

6 thoughts on “#11 Financial Realities of Writing

  1. Cute post! Until this year, I had a babysitter one afternoon a week so I could meet with my critique group. It was wonderful for my mental sanity if not my pocket book. I think the babysitter ended up with a larger paycheck than I did.

  2. Writing expenses…there are so many, but some day they’re going to earn big dividends, right? Memberships, research books, advertising, web hosting services, royalty-free photos, contest entries, not to mention the wine for celebration – haha! – and the list goes on. But, hey! Most people have hobbies, and they all cost something. I know people who spend far more on hunting, horseback riding, shooting, poker tourneys, etc.

    1. Absolutely! I have what I call “straight hobbies” and “hobbies of promise.” Straight hobbies are those that I cannot make any money at – knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, etc. Hobbies of promise are ones, that if I really focus and work hard, I can make money at them – writing, music, etc. I used to focus on harp, but motherhood made that too difficult, even for the straight hobbies, so I’ve changed to writing. 🙂

  3. My writing expenses just include gaining exposure for my book. Otherwise, publisher covers everything else, like materials for school and library visits, and copies for more exposure, and launch parties, and all that jazz. But I still spend money to make money, because all publicity is good publicity, even if it’s hate against your book.

    1. I take hate with a grain of salt, because I’ve seen too many “book haters” hate because they aren’t as successful as they author they hate. Most of the time, it’s sour grapes.

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