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Finding Positives From the Worst November

I’m ready for next year! 😀

This is not the worst November because it was my first NaNoWriMo and I didn’t “win.” On the contrary, NaNo pumped me as a writer. I’m looking forward to finishing my third book in much less than half the time of my previous two.

This has been the worst November because it was parenthesized by the deaths of two beloved grandmothers.

So, positives:

1. My grandmothers were both ready to pass. They died in relative comfort. I’m grateful that neither one is in pain anymore.

2. I’ve proved to myself that it doesn’t have to take a year to write a book. Even one that requires a bunch of research.

3. I had fun posting my blog contest entries and engaging in the comments that were made.

4. I won the blogging contest! And Jessica has been gracious enough to allow me another month to finish my book. I’m looking forward to her critique. 🙂

5. I didn’t get glutened.

6. I got a new computer. 😉

Despite, and in some cases because of, the positives, I’m exhausted. So I’ve decided to take a two-week blogcation. I’d like to focus on family and finishing my book. In that order. 🙂 I hope everyone has fun with their pre-Christmas festivities. See you in two weeks. 😀


2 thoughts on “Finding Positives From the Worst November

  1. Good for you, looking for the positives! I’m so sorry you lost both of your grandmas in such a short time. We want to hold on to our loved ones, even when they may be ready to go. But perhaps your writing was a way for you to cope during this difficult time. Congrats on winning the blogging contest!

  2. Thanks Patricia 🙂 You’re right. Writing has been helping. I actually have two grandmother figures in this book and they are both based on my actual grandmothers. I had already planned that before they both started going downhill, but it’s been sort of a way to keep them alive too. It’s hard not to be selfish when our elderly loved ones are ready to go.

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