Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Cousins!

"Don't you just love my artwork Mommy? It's right there on the kitchen floor where you'll always see it! I used a new medium too, isn't it nice?"
“Don’t you just love my artwork Mommy? It’s right there on the kitchen floor where you’ll always see it! I used a new medium too, isn’t it nice?”

This week I’d like to introduce my fun little nephew, Jamie. Even though distance separates him from his cousins, you would think he spent everyday playing with William and Charlie because he can be just like them. ❤


We have wood floors on our first floor, so after hubby gets home the boys will hop on a blanket and expect Daddy to drag them around the house. My sister and Jamie came to stay with us for a few days last autumn and, of course, Jamie joined in on the fun. My sis said that when they got back home (they also have wood floors on their first floor), Jaime hopped on a blanket and said, “Again?” I can imagine that my brother-in-law was a bit confused because they hadn’t done anything with that blanket the first time. 😀

Jamie – Age 1


This past week, William had a pretty high fever and lay on the couch all day. I kept telling Charlie he had to leave William alone so that he could rest. The next day he still was running a low fever so I kept him home from school again but he was well enough to get up and play. When he asked Charlie with help building a train track set, he got upset when Charlie wanted to build with blocks instead.

His reasoning went like this, “But you have to help me! I have a fever so you have to do what I want!”

Good thing his little brother is good at grounding him to the way the world really works. 🙂

William – Age 5


Copied (with permission) from my sister’s Facebook page:

My 2 year old son just held my face in his little hands, looked me directly in the eye and said, “You understand?” Then finished our very serious conversation with a sweet kiss. I love that little boy!!

Jamie – Age 2


When Charlie is in the middle of eating, he usually makes a specific request, and for a while I was the only one who recognized his words. He says exactly the same thing in exactly the same hurried way. “May I have some milk and water please?” And it wouldn’t be complete without the little pop of his lips in a kiss at the end.

Charlie Age 3-4

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?

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