Friday Fun

Friday Fun: How To Effectively Delay Bedtime

"I had a hard day at the office..."
“I had a hard day at the office…”

William likes to read a young children’s version of Spiderman stories to help him go to sleep. I like them too because we’ve read them over and over so he tends to zone out and fall asleep faster. This week he wanted to read a particular story which had Dr. Connors in it and explained all about how he turned into The Lizard while trying to regrow his missing arm. A missing arm…there’s a way for a 5-year-old to go off on a tangent and delay sleep.

“Why is he missing his arm?” William asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe he was born without it. Maybe he lost it in a car accident. Maybe he was a soldier and lost it during a battle with a bad guy.”

“Like the soldiers at the hospital!”

“Yeah,” I said, remembering that Daddy had recently taken him to the opening of the new wing of the VA hospital. “Those soldiers were very brave, weren’t they?”

“Yes. Some of them were missing their legs too.”

I didn’t want him to think that joining the military meant that you were doomed to lose a limb, so I said, “You know, Daddy was a soldier too. He was in the Army.”

“Did he shoot the bad guy?”

“No, his unit never went to battle when he was there. But he was ready in case they needed him.”

William sat up and gave me a big smile with wide eyes. “Here’s the story of what I think Daddy did: I think Daddy captured the bad guy and the bad guy saw that he was wrong. So he put on a better uniform and fought with Daddy and became a good guy!”

With all due respect to Stan Lee, the Spiderman story seemed to pale after William’s heroic and imaginative tale of what his Daddy did while in the Army. 🙂 It was also one of the few times that I didn’t get annoyed that William found a way to delay sleep. ❤

 What are some of the ways your kids put off going to sleep?

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun: How To Effectively Delay Bedtime

    1. 😀 Oh, definitely! When we talk military with the boys, I always bring up you and Uncle James 🙂 I was just so tired that night, only Daddy came to mind. lol

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