Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Budding Authors

Charlie’s current favorite toys are Jack (a Jack in the box), and Elephant (a stuffed elephant that plays Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star when you pull it’s tail). If you ask him, Charlie will happily give a character analysis of both Jack and Elephant:

“Jack is a little shy. That’s why he likes to hide in his box. But he still likes to sing Pop Goes the Weasel. But Elephant is very friendly. He’s my sweet little guy.”

When Jack and Elephant ride with Charlie in the car, Jack hides in the back with Charlie, but Elephant likes to drive up front with Mommy.

Charlie – Age 4


William and I go over his schoolwork, and sometimes we run across a word he’s written and neither one of us can figure it out. He’ll make up the word it looks like and it might be something like, “ampilo.”

“What’s ‘ampilo?'” I’ll ask.

He’ll come up with something equally creative (but usually requires transformation), like, “Oh, it’s a car that can turn into a dinosaur.”

William – Age 5


Charlie will build a train track and play “accidents happen.” If I’m busy on the computer he’ll build it on the floor close to me and it’s my job to react excitedly over and over if one of the tracks is “broken.” Charlie will narrate if the workers have fixed it or not. Then I’m to react with relief.

This can go on for hours. 😉

Charlie – Age 4


Again, with the train narrations:

Sometimes, Charlie and I will play trains after having watched an episode of Dora the Explorer. When the train gets too close to the “broken” track or the end of the track, Charlie instructs me, “You have to say “stop” in Spanish, Mommy!”

The first time he did that, I had to scramble to remember, “¡Alto!” Though, I suppose I could have said “¡Pare!” 😀

Charlie – Age 4

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?

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