Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Busy!

Whew! Between car repair, computer repair, and other issues (which I may write about for Monday’s post), I’m afraid that not much significantly funny happened this week. Though I was probably too busy to notice. But here’s what kept me amused amid the chaos. 😉


We took the boys to the children’s museum where there is a play grocery store. Charlie pushed his cart up to a set of shelves and pulled a box down. Then he used his finger to “read” the ingredients to make sure it was “gluten-free.” It was very surreal for me to see him do that! I had no idea he was paying that close attention to me!

Charlie – Age 4


I made pasta with marinara for William’s afterschool “snack.” He ate THREE helpings. Then, five minutes after everything was cleaned up, he asked, “May I have a cheeseburger?”

*face palm*

William – Age 5

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?


4 thoughts on “Friday Fun! Busy!

  1. Oh, how I miss the days when my kids were little like yours. Though I do have ‘fun’ with them it’s more grown up fun since they’re almost 20 and 22. However, I consider myself very lucky that they like to spend time with me when they have work, school and friends. I do enjoy lunches out, shopping and movies. This post reminds me how blessed I am. On to the weekend!

    1. Sometimes, like when Charlie continues to soil his training pants, I long for them to be older, like yours. lol But then, I remember that they won’t be these ages forever and I should relish every moment. 😀

  2. Oh, I love the little gluten checker, adorable!! My son is just like your big eater; for only one years old he seems to never be seen without some type of food in his hand! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sasha! 🙂 It seems daunting that at such a young age they eat soooo much, doesn’t it? I hate to think of my grocery bill when the boys become teenagers! O_o

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