Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Ewww!

While waiting in the line for the Grover Coaster at Busch Gardens, I was chatting with a parent ahead of us in line. When the line moved, I looked to William to make sure that he was following.

He was following, all right.

He had his tongue out and ran it all the way down the bar that separated the line from where guests boarded the coaster.

Yuck. Just. Yuck.

William – Age 5


Charlie was building his train set (again). He asked for my help setting up the waterwheel. When I put it where the boat was, he said, “No, it’s in the water where there are crocodiles.”


So I set it on the other side of the track so it wouldn’t be in the invisible pond. “There,” I said. “Now it’s not in the water, but close by.”

Apparently, that didn’t make much sense to him because his response was, “If you say so.”

Hmm, I wonder where he heard that one…

Charlie – Age 4


Charlie argued with me over whether he should eat a rice cake or the rice pudding that he asked for and never finished.

“Rice cake!” He said.

“Rice pudding!” I said.

“Rice cake!”

“Rice pudding!”

Eventually, Charlie started saying, “Rice rice cake!”

So, of course, the first thing that came out of my mouth was to sing (to the tune of ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’), “Rice, rice pudding. Ba-bum ba-bum, ba-da, bum-bum. Vanilla rice, rice pudding…”

That stopped the argument for a moment because Charlie looked at me like I had two heads. 😀

Charlie – Age 4


When I was putting Charlie to bed, he kept picking his nose. I told him not to. When I checked on him after he fell asleep, he had a booger on his cheek.

Charlie – Age 4

Are your kids gross? Or are they too cute to be too gross? Do they inadvertently pop songs in your head?

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun! Ewww!

  1. Oh, gross, gross, gross! Your kids are just like mine!! Yours are older too which means I need not hold my breathe about my toddlers growing out of it anytime soon!! 🙂

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