Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Competition

At least there are plenty of wild flowers, so they don't have to fight over them.
At least there are plenty of wild flowers, so they don’t have to fight over them.

I grew up with one sister. I remember squabbling and fighting occasionally. But my boys compete over EVERYTHING. Is this normal? And when someone “loses,” doesn’t get “his turn,” or thinks the other one did it “wrong,” then we had all better start preparing for the Apocalypse.

And then I wonder… Do my boys realize that I named them for authors, and not royals?

Here are some of the more ridiculous things they fight over:

When getting in the car, who’s first to finish buckling their seat belt.

When getting out of the car, who’s gets to open the front door after I’ve unlocked it. (“I NEVER get to open it!” is a common complaint by whoever missed out that time.)

Who gets to sit in the right hand c orner of the couch when watching TV.

Charlie goes IN the EXIT. William has been reduced to snotty tears many times over this.

Who wins the race upstairs to bed. (This is usually followed by a secondary race to the bathroom where Daddy makes sure the previous “loser” wins.

But the only thing that they fight about that actually warms my heart, is…

who gets Mommy to read them to sleep tonight. ❤

I’d love to hear from you!

What are some of the silly things your kids fight about? Does it drive you nuts?What is something inconsequential that you use to go berserk about? 


2 thoughts on “Friday Fun! Competition

  1. Haha, they are too cute and hilarious!! Mine fight so often and they are still so young!! I can only imagine when they get to be your boys’ ages! You are right though, the best fight is always over mom. 🙂

    1. I’m ready for basketball practices and games to start. Maybe then they’ll be too tired to compete with each other. lol But I hope then never stop “fighting” over me. 😉

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