Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Overreacting

Yup. That's William. :)
Yup. That’s William. 🙂

William: There are more boys in the world than girls.

Mommy: How do you know that?

William: My teacher told me. She knows lots of things.

Charlie (very seriously): Maybe he talked to God!

Mommy suppresses giggles.

William: No, Charlie!

Just when Mommy thinks that William is going to correct Charlie’s thinking that God directly talks to people anymore, he instead says indignantly: My teacher’s a she, not a he.

Glad we cleared that up.

I picked William up from school last Friday and he had earned a new toy from his class’ treasure box. He had chosen a mini bowling game, about the size of a jacks game. Charlie, of course was chomping at the bit to play with William’s new toy.

We went to the Y after school and when we got back in the car, Charlie managed to get his hands on the game. I was still outside the car when I heard a clatter and then William shrieked as if someone had cut off his finger.

“What happened?” I asked.

William was beside himself and could hardly breathe let alone answer. I thought that Charlie had hit him on the head or something. Hubby answered for William.

“Charlie threw the bowling game and several of the pins fell between the seats.”

One of these days William is going to have to learn how to keep his cool.

William was counting by places; first, second, third, etc. When he got to twenty-first, he channeled his inner Pippi Longstocking and called it “twenty-wonst.”

The boys hate waiting at red lights as much as we do. Last night, we waited at a red turn signal and William sighed. “When’s it gonna turn green.”

I decided to borrow from Whoopi Goldberg. “I bet I can make it turn green with magic,” I said. “Watch.” I saw that the cross street light had turned yellow, so I blew air at the red light and it promptly turned green.

Ever practical William began to cry when I wouldn’t tell him how I did it.

I’d love to hear from you!

Do your kids overreact to silly things? Do you find yourself giggling when they try to figure out numbers? Do you force them to hang on to their wonder just a little bit longer even if they protest?


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