Friday Fun

Friday Fun – Any Excuse For Cake

Charlie sunglassesCharlie wanted to look through the sunroof of the car, so when I opened the cover, we saw that some birds had pooped right on the glass. Charlie was very curious about this and after my explanation, he said quite seriously, “Those were silly birds to think that our car was their potty!”

Charlie – Age 4

Charlie was old enough this month for the Parent’s Night Out at our Y and William was over the moon about playing there that long. The service lasted till 9:30, but Mommy and Daddy were ready to pick up the boys at 8:40 as it was already waaaay past bedtime. We learned our lesson. William was NOT happy about leaving “early”. But Mommy has to learn to control her laughter. William was sobbing so much, he couldn’t talk around all the hiccups. I felt like such a bad Mom, but I couldn’t help it… 😉

William – Age 6

Charlie’s preschool class listed their New Year’s resolutions on the board. Most of the kids had normal things: keep my room clean, share my toys, etc. Charlie’s resolution? He’s going to share his magic dust!

Charlie – Age 4

William will find any excuse to have cake or candy. When he heard that he was going to have last Monday off to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, the first thing he wanted to know is, “Will we have a cake?”

William – Age 6

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you cringe when your kids mention sugar? Do they play with magic dust? Do you see humor in late night tantrums?

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