Friday Fun

Friday Fun – Moving the Stars

I watch Mary Poppins with Charlie – again – and I am so tired that I lay down on the couch. For some reason, that action suddenly turns Mommy into an indestructible trampoline. I get up because I am too exhausted to be a trampoline, in which case Charlie says, “Okay, I won’t jump on you.”

So I lay back down. Charlie immediately stands up and says, “Tricked ya!” He leaps on my middle.

I get back up again and say, “You better be careful about crying wolf.”

“I won’t jump on you.”

I lay back down.

“I’m gonna cry wolf!”

That’s when I realized that Charlie didn’t remember the story the same way I did. For him, “cry wolf” is now defined as “jump on Mommy.”

Charlie – Age 4

I read William to sleep usually. One night, he had just fallen asleep and I stopped reading but didn’t leave yet just to make sure he was good and “out.” I sat up to use my phone when I heard a little voice behind me.

“What happened, Mommy?”

“You fell asleep, buddy. Let me finish this post and I’ll read some more.”

Five seconds later, I hear a loud snore.

William – Age 6

Short nights in winter mean that Charlie has time to go out and talk about the stars with Daddy. Daddy likes to bring a map so he can call out their names properly.

Once, he accidentally called some of the stars by the wrong name. Daddy said, “Whoops I mixed these stars up.”

Charlie asked, “How did you move them around?”

Charlie – Age 4

Grandma sent Charlie a present for his birthday. It came in the mail and when we got in the house, the boys couldn’t wait to tear into the package. While I was trying to get everything organized, I was trying to impress upon William that the present was Charlie’s and that he needed to let Charlie play with it, whatever it was.

When I turned around, William was wearing Charlie’s brand new sweatshirt that read, “Trouble is my middle name.”

At least there was some truth to that…

William – Age 6

I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever moved the stars? Do your friends and family wear phrases better suited to you? Do you cry wolf? Do you fall asleep at the drop of a hat?

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