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Finish What You Start

muse car seatDuring my blogcation, I also gave up writing in general (much to the chagrin of my muse) to focus on Charlie’s neurosurgery. The mother in me shoved Muse to the backseat, buckled it up, and let it listen once more to the audio version of the Harry Potter books just to keep it quiet so I could think more clearly about what was happening to my four-year old.

That worked for a little while.

But if you have kids, and even if you don’t, you’re probably well aware of how deafening the backseat can be. At least they’re strapped in. My ears are still ringing from the scream Charlie produced the other night. Nothing was wrong. He just felt like screaming.


Muse did the same thing to me after we had to postpone the initial surgery date because Charlie picked up a cold. In full “Are we there yet?” mode, Muse gave me the desire to write-up a story based on my Grannie’s childhood and centering around the lifting of prohibition.

I wrote about ten pages.

Okay Muse, you need a bit of discipline. I’ve got an unfinished screenplay and the first half of another book in the works. I’ll never finish either of them if I keep starting other things.

Now that Charlie is fully recovered, Muse is brooding in time-out while I continue my screenplay to The Stone of Kings. Meanwhile, Inner Editor is shut in her room because she keeps reminding me that my page count is entirely too high for my characters to still be in Dublin and Kells.

**calls through the door** “I’ll fix it when it’s done!”

On the plus side, working on the screenplay immerses me once again into my story. So, in the spirit of finishing what I start, I’ll be resuming the analysis of characters for The Stone of Kings next Monday. Get ready to meet the fiery red-headed Hannah.

I’m picking up Wednesday Welcomes too! I’ve already got authors lined up for the next three months 😀 starting this week with the lovely Coleen Lahr! You’ll get to read a fun excerpt from her recent release, Accepted – maybe it isn’t where you belong, but who you belong with.

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you have trouble finishing what you start? Do you sometimes feel like a jail warden for your inspiration? Does your muse scream louder at you during times of stress?


Just Gotta Laugh

Image attributed to Nemoi

I’ve had writer’s block before, but this is a new one.

I’m stuck. Not because I don’t know where my story is going, but because I don’t have the experience necessary for the next scene. What on earth was the Kells abbey like in 1715? I want to be descriptive but anytime I run a search on it, I come up empty. The Book of Kells dwarfs all other information. lol

On the other hand, when I try to get in contact with tour guides and other family members from over there, I get terrific fuel. I get awesome little “tidbits” that I can add to my story to give it a little more Irish sparkle.

But the one tidbit that I really want…

I know. I’m writing fiction, but I want to pull as much real stuff into it as I can. So how can I get in touch with an expert?

I got to see the Book of Kells when I was in Dublin, but I never got to visit the town of Kells itself. I don’t think that would have made much difference anyway, because from what I can tell, the current church structure was rebuilt in 1778. I can’t even seem to find a layout. *sigh*

What are some strange ways you’ve gotten writers block? How did you overcome it?

Glutened Goal Update: I think I’m finally over the glutening. It’s been difficult to tell because of persistant low fever and sore throats which haven’t responded to antibiotics (and have nothing to do with gluten). But, regardless, I’m feeling much better and am ready to get back into my WIP with the exception of what’s been explained in the above post. 😉