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Friday Fun! Tales of a Space Cadet

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Charlie doesn’t sleep well. We’re in the process of an investigative sleep study to find out why his brain isn’t telling him to breathe properly when he sleeps. Needless to say, he doesn’t usually get a good night’s sleep, resulting in some rather humorous behavior. There are obviously many negatives to this, but let’s not go there today. defines a space cadet as “a person who appears to be in his or her own world or out of touch with reality.” Urban Dictionary says this kind of person is “easily lost in reverie” and “does not respond when directly spoken to.” Here’s how Charlie measures up.

In His Own World

I did the ice bucket challenge and had my boys dump the ice water on me – to William’s everlasting enjoyment. I still can’t figure out what Charlie was thinking when I was about to say “GO!” William was poised and ready with his bucket, but Charlie picked his up and started to wander off with it. You would think that the chance to dump ice water on Mommy would grab his attention.

Out of Touch With Reality

Charlie doesn’t seem to possess a concept of time. Yesterday when I picked him up from preschool (a seven minute drive from our house), we hadn’t yet left the parking lot when he asked that quintessential phrase of kid-dom, “Are we there yet?”

Sorry kid, my teleporter is in the shop.

Easily Lost in a Reverie

Charlie will listen to a skip in a CD for a good five minutes – at least. Sometimes my car’s CD player will finally clear it, and then he’ll ask for me to make it do it again. What is going through that funny head of his when all hears is “prac-prac-prac-prac…?” If William is in the car, he humors his brother for a while but eventually asks me to go past the skip.

Does Not Respond When Directly Spoken To

I think any kid has trouble with this. But an example of our usual scenario is:

Charlie plays with the refrigerator magnets. Daddy says, “Charlie we’re going to the toy store!” Charlie still plays with the magnets. “Charlie get your shoes!” Charlie continues playing. “Charlie, we’re going to the toy store!” Charlie continues playing. Daddy moves the magnets out of reach. “Charlie, we’re going to the toy store!”

Charlie finally says, “Oh! I LOVE the toy store!”

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you have a kid who’s a space cadet? Does he or she fit the definition? Or do they create a new definition of the word? What funny things do you do when you don’t get enough sleep?

Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Secrets…


Charlie comes up to me with his Thomas the Tank Engine alphabet puzzle box. He says, “I got a surprise for you, Mommy. It’s a secret.”

I open the box and act shocked to find the puzzle pieces inside.

A few moments later, he comes up to me with one of his bins full of toys. “I got another surprise for you, Mommy. It’s not a secret.”

“It’s not a secret?” I ask.

He shakes his head.

“Is it because it doesn’t have a lid like the puzzle box?”


Charlie – Age 4


I kept the boys out by myself Tuesday night at Lil’ Hands Play and Party, so that hubby could paint the kitchen. Our house, when we bought it, came with flat paint on all the walls, which is a bad choice if you have little boys because it doesn’t clean. I was talking to the boys about Daddy painting while we were on our way home, and this is a comment I heard as we got out of the car.

“I can’t wait to see the kitchen… and I’m hungry.”

William – Age 5


Toddler word of the day: “nokay”. A response to a question which always starts with “no” (because that is our favorite word these days) but changes mid-response because maybe a cookie (or ball or whatever) doesn’t sound so bad after all…

Jamie – Age 2


During the polar vortex this past winter, it got cold enough here in Florida for my next door neighbor to run his snow machine. 🙂 The boys had been used to the “snow” machines at Busch Gardens and other places that blow out tiny bubbles that look like snowflakes when they fall. When they ran out to play in our neighbor’s real snow, William bent down and scooped up a big handful. He said with utter surprise, “It’s cold!”

William – Age 5

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?

Gluten · NaNoWriMo

Bring Back My NaNoWriMo Attitude!

I feel as if it will take the strength of two superheros to get me out of my slump. Rescue me, Spider-men!
I feel as if it will take the strength of two superheros to get me out of my slump. Rescue me, Spider-men!

This will be short, because I feel broadsided by life and gluten. But not to worry. To keep from being a Debbie Downer, I end this post with two positives.

Normally, I know that gluten causes my depressions and I can usually push though it. But after deaths of beloved grandmothers, our car being stolen, and now a beloved uncle – who I was looking forward to visiting with again – will quite likely never make it back to the States from England, I’ve been feeling like sludge, both physically and emotionally. I totally expected to be back into blogging again, but I can barely bring myself to work my edits for The Stone of Kings (which are now overdue). So please bear with me while I get through this mess which is currently my life.

I may just be that all I post for a while is Friday Fun, because I do have one lined up for this Friday. I thank the Lord for my boys because without their sweet hugs, smiley faces, and hilarious clowning, I’d be reduced to tears everyday. I’m so blessed to have them lift my spirits even just a little. 😀

For my second positive, I just discovered that the audio version of Harp Lessons has been released! It was quite surreal to hear a professional reader bring my words to life 😀 And I love the beautiful new cover!

Friday Fun

Laughing for sleep and motivating medicine – Friday Fun

Just reading his daily paper. After all, he does take the photos for it.
Just reading his daily paper. After all, he does take the photos for it.

On a trip to Disney’s Epcot park, William had napped so we decided to stay for the light show at the closing. It was December and raining, and the poor little guy was shivering all the way to the car. In the parking lot, when he finally saw our car, he started giggling. Wildly. By the time we got him and everything in, then started the engine, he was already asleep.

William- Age 19 months


In the car, at about 8 pm (tired kids) Charlie was having a tantrum because he wanted to ride in William’s seat. Hubby was in the other car driving on the same road to meet us home. William hates it when Daddy “wins” on the way home. He started to complain about it. Charlie promptly stopped his tantrum and asked William, full of concern, “What’s wrong, William?”

Charlie- Age 3


While playing in the backyard, William began to scream. I ran to find out why. Apparently he was stung on the leg by a wasp. After putting a baking soda paste on it, I offered him a cup of milk to drink. Still sobbing, he said, “I th-think…I w-would…prefer c-cereal.”

William- Age 5


Charlie was awake, talking to himself, so I went upstairs to get him out of bed. “Are you ready to go to the Y?” I asked.

“No,” he replied, lazily.

“Do you want to go downstairs?”


“Do you want your medicine?” He had an ear infection and was taking oral antibiotics for it.

Charlie finally jumped up in bed with a big smile, “Yes!”

Charlie- Age 3

What are some of the awesomely funny/sweet things your kids say and do?