Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Silly Valentine Faces!

crazy William

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow! My boys have been giving me little love notes and extra hugs all week. 😀 But the best is when they make me laugh without even trying.  Sometimes I feel as if I’m about to float to the ceiling from laughing. 😀

Apparently, we put a lot of emphasis on Thanksgiving around here. My grannie was a direct descendant from the Mayflower and it was her favorite holiday. I love it too.  But Charlie still gets a little confused.

He keeps calling Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving. Yesterday, he came in from the backyard with a flower for me. He said, “It’s a Thanksgiving flower for you, Mommy.”

At least he understands the sentiment. 🙂

Charlie – Age 5

After spending half the day at the Children’s museum, THEN another two hours on the playground, both boys still fought leaving for the car.

“I wanna keep playing!”

And yet… the minute we get in the car, “I’m STARVING!”

William and Charlie – Ages 6 and 5

Charlie built a “train” using the dining chairs. He identified all the chairs as different parts of the train. Then William got home from school and stepped it up with other chairs and couch cushions. Before long, Charlie’s train had a sleeping car, a dining car, a church car, a dentist car, an art car, and… Well, you get the idea.

Now I need a comfortable place to sit. :/

William – Age 6

Once a week, I’ll bribe reward the boys for cooperating when we leave the YMCA by getting them happy meals. This week, they came close to not earning them, but it was mostly because of William’s whining. Charlie wasn’t too bad, but he did run ahead before I was ready. When we were buckling up in the car, I said, “Charlie, you weren’t listening.”

Charlie shot me a look that strongly resembled this:

memeYep. I lost it in a fit of giggles.

Charlie – Age 5

I’d love to hear from you!

How do your kids make you laugh? Do you find laughter to be the best Valentine’s gift? Do your kids suddenly contradict themselves?