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World Blog Hop…Fail!

Okay, Apple! Next time, I'll fork over the money and invest in your brand. *Sigh* Image attributed to Brandon Grasley via flickr.
Okay, Apple! Next time, I’ll fork over the money and invest in your brand. *Sigh* Image attributed to Brandon Grasley via flickr.

First of all, my sincere apologies to Louis Spirito. Between computer problems (it’s less than a year old for crying out loud!), getting ready for the first day of school, The Stone of Kings release, and being “glutened” on top of all of that, I believed I was ready for this post. I had my questions about my writing process answered and organized at least a week ago. The only thing I was missing were 2 other authors/bloggers to carry on the torch. The one author that wanted to participate also has small children, and I think she’s in my busy-ness boat.

When I said that I was having computer issues, I was serious. It ATE my draft of what was supposed to be this post and I didn’t find out till today. *facepalm*

However, I would be totally remiss if I didn’t point you guys in the direction of Mr. Spirito’s post in the blog hop. His book GIMME SHELTER looks well worth the read. 😀 Check out his answers to his writing process! When I have the chance, I’ll answer mine and have them ready for Mondays post instead.

Louis Spirito lives in Malibu with his wife Eugenie and their rescue dog, Tanner. He has written for film, TV, stage, magazines and newspapers. GIMME SHELTER: A Damaged Pit Bull, An Angry Man, and How They Saved Each Other is his first book.  Lou describes his gritty but heartfelt memoir as…“The Sopranos” meets “Marley & Me: with a twist when a volatile, chronically ticked-off writer from a “Goodfellas” family struggles to help an abused, timid, big-hearted shelter dog.” It’s available at Amazon and B&NWhen he’s not writing, he works with juvenile inmates at the L.A. County Juvenile Probation Camp Schools in the Santa Monica Mountains. For fun, he teaches Okinawa GoJu Ryu (“Wax on; Wax off”) Karate and Tai Chi. In their downtime, Lou and his wife travel to Italy where they were married and where they have dual U.S. – Italian citizenship. For more on Lou and GIMME SHELTER visit his website and blog: