The seasonal trend in Florida fashion.

Lucy’s eyes were pricked as if tears were about to leak from them. But she wasn’t emotional. Her eyes weren’t even overly watery. You know that almost burning, sort of sour pressure you get in your sinus cavities when you start to cry? Yeah, that.

When Chaucer wrote, “Whan that Aprille with his shoures sote…” he never knew a place like Florida. Lucy didn’t see sweet showers in April there.

Instead, she saw everything dusted yellow with pollen as if the deranged cousin of Jack Frost took his bottle of yellow, odorless baby powder and sprinkled it all over the place.

Joe Pollen.

Didn’t he know that Lucy had a headache everyday for months now because of it? Didn’t he know that she can’t even have fun singing anymore because her throat is so sore? And WHY does he have to visit when the weather is actually nice?

Why can’t Jack visit more often? Lucy liked Jack, but he only visited Florida every other year or so.

And still there was no rain in the forecast. Nothing to tamp down the incessant pollen.

Florida is backwards in many of it’s seasons. The leaves fall in Spring when the temperature is already rising after a brief burst of chill. The risk of floods happen in summer during the torrential afternoon downpours that line the roads with a hot fog after they’ve baked in the sun all day.

Lucy once went to a home show where a vendor tried to sell saunas to Floridians. Talk about trying to sell ice to an Eskimo.

But now it was bone dry outside with a yellow haze and the five medications Lucy been taking to combat allergies were just not cutting it. Not even when she also consumed a concoction of raw local honey, raw apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and hot water. She got the recipe from a cousin in Ireland, and it was actually rather tasty so she drank it anyway.

She thought of folks in other states who sigh during deep winter and wonder how nice it would be to live in Florida. But she knew first hand that it wasn’t cold enough in the winter to put much of a dent in the monotonous heat or kill off the plants for a season so that you don’t get that huge burst of sinus crushing pollen.

They were better off where they were.

Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Defining Contradiction


I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the last two weeks. Ugh. Pollen is my mortal enemy and I feel I’m losing the battle. Hence the sparse posts. Fortunately, I’ve got these little comedians to keep up my spirits.

We went out for dinner one night. If the boys have been snacking in the afternoon, we have them share their meal. That usually means sharing a milk but separate water cups. After Charlie takes a sip from the straw in the milk cup, William will use his shirt to wipe Charlie’s “slobber” off of it.

At this particular restaurant, there were salt grinders at the tables. William grabbed the grinder and because he couldn’t shake salt into his hand, he attempted to put his mouth around the bottom so he could grind salt into it.

Because those germs are superior to his brother’s, apparently.

William – Age 6

Charlie and I were looking at pictures of the toddlers where he goes to preschool. During our conversation, I explained how they were younger than him. He looked at me and asked, “Mommy, how young are you?”

He’s such a little charmer! ❤

Charlie – Age 5

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How do your kids cheer you up when you aren’t feeling well? Because we all know they do! 😉 What are some funny ways that they completely contradict themselves? How do they naturally compliment you?