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Just Look at this Gorgeous Cover!


A huge thank you to Cora Graphics for the fabulous design! I had a hard time visualizing what would go on the cover, but when she sent this to me, it screamed “I’m perfect!” ūüėČ Remember the release date: August 12!

I’m having unfortunate computer issues at the moment, which is keeping me¬†from accessing Microsoft Word. Ack! I was hoping to add¬†the back blurb here for¬†those of you who¬†can’t quite read that blurry thing up on my banner (lol), but I can’t open the file.¬†¬†Hopefully I’ll be able to get some blog posts ready in¬†time for my guests spots on my friends’ blogs. *whispers* I may just have to borrow hubby’s new computer. Shh.