How to Deal with a Bully – A Lesson From Uncle Henry

All bullies truly have green skin. But it only shows when they’re in Oz. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Charlie has recently become enamored with The Wizard of Oz. It had been a while since I’d sat down and actually watched it, but I still felt familiar with it mostly because of all the different comparisons people draw from it. The one I usually read about, being a writer, is why a reader doesn’t always need to see the man behind the curtain. In other words, don’t explain everything in your story. Keep the magic.

But then I saw again this funny little scene (I couldn’t find the scene I wanted by itself, so you get the “twista” one too):

In spite of the fact that none of this happened in the book, I just love it! I love the fact that Uncle Henry is face to face with this horrible woman and finds a way to make her look completely silly without even directly insulting her. Letting the gate smack her on the rear just puts the period on the whole thing.

Maybe this scene is not so much about writing, but it ties in with my personal theme as a writer; less irrational hatred and more acceptance.

In a world where people are more likely to shoot you because you were texting during movie previews, I think it would be nice for us all to be reminded to chill out and find a less aggressive way of addressing our beef with others.

Although, I seriously wouldn’t recommend making fun of your bully out-loud. 😉 But thinking of the way that they make themselves ridiculous (because most bullies are in some way), can help to keep you from lashing back until the situation can be diffused properly.

Uncle Henry heard his niece’s earlier complaints even though he was busy counting chicks. He knew exactly why Miss Gulch was there. I’m inclined to think that most people today would start yelling and even pull out a gun to chase her off their property. Even Dorothy tells Miss Gulch to go away or she would bite her herself.

I get it. We all get mad at people for one thing or another. But rather go on a tirade, we (emphasis on we here 😉 ) should try to find some other way to deal with the problem. Some things you just aren’t going to solve no matter how angry you get. Miss Gulch got Toto anyway despite Dorothy’s threat because she had “the law” on her side. But Uncle Henry had the benefit of displaying Miss Gulch’s ridiculous bulling by making her look like the fool she truly was.

I liked Uncle Henry’s style better than Dorothy’s and I hope I can find a way to be more like him. 😀

Would you respond to Miss Gulch the way Uncle Henry did? Or would you be more like Dorothy? Which one do you prefer?

Friday Fun

Friday Fun!

Neverending silliness!
Neverending silliness!

Mommy: Let’s get in the car and have some animal crackers, shall we?

William: I’m not Shallwe, I’m William!

William – age 3


Lately, Charlie has added a new twist to potty training. We’ll be out somewhere like Monkey Bizness, or at the church building, and suddenly, I’ll realize that I don’t know where he is. But it doesn’t take long to find him. He will have disappeared into the boys bathroom and striped down to go potty by himself. But then he can’t get his training pants back on, so he hangs out in the open bathroom doorway calling for me to help – without a stitch on from the waist down.

Charlie – age 4


Charlie: I wanna watch the Wizard of Oz!

William: No! It’s too scary!!

Charlie: (looks at his brother and grins): I wanna watch the Wizard of Oz!

William – age 5

Charlie – age 4


Mommy: Charlie, do you want a biscuit with honey?

Charlie: No. A biscuit with HONEY!

Mommy: So, you want a biscuit with honey?

Charlie: No! A biscuit with HONEY!

Mommy: You want a biscuit with HONEY?

Charlie: Yes!

Apparently, honey is super important and warrants appropriate emphasis.

Charlie – age 2