Graduations, Birthday Parties, and Broken Bones…Oh My!

broken footWhat a whirlwind spring! I’ve been away (says Captain Obvious), because Murphy’s Law struck again, and when I put more things on my plate, someone came along to heap more on top.

I’m not gonna be able to eat all that! I think I just need to lay down.

See? My life has spun so much that I’m mixing my metaphors. *DEEP BREATH*

What I’ve been up to…

I’ve done some local author appearances complete with reading excerpts in my attempt at the Irish brogue. I’ve played harp when I can at a weekly Open Mic.

If you're ever in the Tampa, FL area and need a photographer, look up the fabulous James Geiger. He's  very down to earth and takes beautiful photos. :)
If you’re ever in the Tampa, FL area and need a photographer, look up the fabulous James Geiger. He’s very down to earth and takes beautiful photos. 🙂

And, of course, I’m writing. I’ve gotten down the first twenty-three pages of my next book…because the story wouldn’t stop traipsing through my thoughts. This is my first book that’s not Young Adult. It’s a Historical Fiction centered on the lifting of Prohibition in America. Most importantly, it’s inspired by the true story of my great-grandpa who owned a restaurant/bar during the Great Depression. He doted on my Grannie, who was 10-years-old at the time. The trouble was, great-grandma was a bad alcoholic.

And so the story goes…

And Yet…

First and foremost, I’m a mom. Sometimes, my writer/musician life gets in the way.

Charlie graduated from VPK and “Exceeded Expectations” in everything scholastic despite having brain surgery halfway through the year. *fist bump*

Charlie grad William started our annual birthday sprint (three birthdays within ten days). I’ve learned a valuable lesson about birthday invitations this year. When sending them to kids whose parents aren’t in my phone’s contact list (which was most), don’t assume that most of them know what Emily Post teaches about “RSVP.”

Cue frantic indecision about how much pizza and cake to order.

And as if there wasn’t enough stress in THAT weekend…

The evening before William’s birthday party, Charlie decided to perform some kind of daredevil stunt. Ya take your eyes off them for a second! We were in the gymnastics room at the YMCA and he tripped. Yep. That’s it. However he did it, he managed to brake the end of one of his metatarsals near his toes.

If you don’t know what a metatarsal is, then clearly you haven’t read The Stone of Kings. <=== *that’s a hyperlink right there (hint hint)* 😉 Who knew I’d use the information for my own kid?

Courtesy of The Writer's Circle
Courtesy of The Writer’s Circle.

Then hubby had to promptly leave for a few days on an out of town business trip. No wonder I managed to pick up some kind of stomach bug the last couple of days.

What? You’re exhausted? Why? 😉

At least this month wasn’t nearly as bad as when Charlie had his neurosurgery.

Now that Charlie is casted and can join day camp with his brother, I will hopefully be able to crank out my new book.

In the meantime, unless the earth swallows me up, I hope to resume blogging. But it won’t take away too much from my novel-writing effort since I’m starting a series called “Grannie’s Memories.” I’ll post the anecdotes and interesting bits Grannie wrote down. These are things she remembered about being a kid during the Great Depression. I’ve been reading them over and over for background for my book. You might like them. Grannie was quite a character. 😀

Till then, would anyone like some leftover birthday cake? …please?

I’d Love To Hear From You!

Do you mix metaphors when you get over-stressed? Are you looking forward to a bright spot of peace that’s almost within your grasp? Do you know what a metatarsal is because you’ve read TSoK?

Friday Fun

Friday Fun! Silly Valentine Faces!

crazy William

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow! My boys have been giving me little love notes and extra hugs all week. 😀 But the best is when they make me laugh without even trying.  Sometimes I feel as if I’m about to float to the ceiling from laughing. 😀

Apparently, we put a lot of emphasis on Thanksgiving around here. My grannie was a direct descendant from the Mayflower and it was her favorite holiday. I love it too.  But Charlie still gets a little confused.

He keeps calling Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving. Yesterday, he came in from the backyard with a flower for me. He said, “It’s a Thanksgiving flower for you, Mommy.”

At least he understands the sentiment. 🙂

Charlie – Age 5

After spending half the day at the Children’s museum, THEN another two hours on the playground, both boys still fought leaving for the car.

“I wanna keep playing!”

And yet… the minute we get in the car, “I’m STARVING!”

William and Charlie – Ages 6 and 5

Charlie built a “train” using the dining chairs. He identified all the chairs as different parts of the train. Then William got home from school and stepped it up with other chairs and couch cushions. Before long, Charlie’s train had a sleeping car, a dining car, a church car, a dentist car, an art car, and… Well, you get the idea.

Now I need a comfortable place to sit. :/

William – Age 6

Once a week, I’ll bribe reward the boys for cooperating when we leave the YMCA by getting them happy meals. This week, they came close to not earning them, but it was mostly because of William’s whining. Charlie wasn’t too bad, but he did run ahead before I was ready. When we were buckling up in the car, I said, “Charlie, you weren’t listening.”

Charlie shot me a look that strongly resembled this:

memeYep. I lost it in a fit of giggles.

Charlie – Age 5

I’d love to hear from you!

How do your kids make you laugh? Do you find laughter to be the best Valentine’s gift? Do your kids suddenly contradict themselves?

Friday Fun

Friday Fun – Any Excuse For Cake

Charlie sunglassesCharlie wanted to look through the sunroof of the car, so when I opened the cover, we saw that some birds had pooped right on the glass. Charlie was very curious about this and after my explanation, he said quite seriously, “Those were silly birds to think that our car was their potty!”

Charlie – Age 4

Charlie was old enough this month for the Parent’s Night Out at our Y and William was over the moon about playing there that long. The service lasted till 9:30, but Mommy and Daddy were ready to pick up the boys at 8:40 as it was already waaaay past bedtime. We learned our lesson. William was NOT happy about leaving “early”. But Mommy has to learn to control her laughter. William was sobbing so much, he couldn’t talk around all the hiccups. I felt like such a bad Mom, but I couldn’t help it… 😉

William – Age 6

Charlie’s preschool class listed their New Year’s resolutions on the board. Most of the kids had normal things: keep my room clean, share my toys, etc. Charlie’s resolution? He’s going to share his magic dust!

Charlie – Age 4

William will find any excuse to have cake or candy. When he heard that he was going to have last Monday off to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, the first thing he wanted to know is, “Will we have a cake?”

William – Age 6

I’d love to hear from you!

Do you cringe when your kids mention sugar? Do they play with magic dust? Do you see humor in late night tantrums?

Blogging Contest · NaNoWriMo · Writing

#11 Financial Realities of Writing

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Hee hee, maybe I should let hubby take the reins on this one…

Okay, okay, I know it’s my contest contribution, not his. But he’s the ultra-practical one in our relationship and usually has a lot to say on the subject. I can be pretty practical myself. I’m a couponer. I only have a few pairs of shoes that I’ll wear until they start to fall apart. I made a partial switch to e-books, to save shelf space.

But I’m afraid I’m not so practical with my writing.

I’ve got to let the voices in my head have their say on paper or else I might implode. So, sometimes it means “spending money” to accommodate them. Though I never really thought about what I was doing as spending money, till hubby brought it up.

The chief financial culprits (for me) are taking the kids places so that I can write. The best place for this is the Y. I was already taking them there whenever I have an accidental glutening, because they get supervised play for two hours while I get to curl into a ball and wish for death. But it works as a great writing place too. They have wifi if I ever have to use the internet to look up anything, and black water coffee in the mornings.

But it’s ten miles away. Since I’m not exercising or writhing in pain (or both, if I’ve done the former), hubby considers that a “writing expense.” I consider it an avoidance of spontaneous combustion, but to each is own.

The other expense that I’ve discovered while writing The Stone of Kings is extra research material. Turlough O’Carolan is a character in my book and I didn’t want to misrepresent him. But try as I might, I could not find a library nearby that could even order his biography for me. So yeah, I had to plunk down $35 for that one. Hubby might not see it my way, but it was well worth the investment.

The only other expense I’ve encountered (according to hubby) is time. Now, he likes to chill out as much as the next guy, but hubby has no hobby. Well, no day-to-day hobby, that is. He really likes to travel, so to him time is more or less money. Apparently, I spend too much of it researching and writing.

Such is life.

[This post was written as a part of the NaNoWriMo Pre-game Kick Off over at Jessica Schmeidler’s blog.]

NaNo word count: 8,031 yet again. Unless I have some kind of freak accident, I promise I’ll have time to write today!