Can’t I be Alice? Her Wonderland makes more sense. Image via Wikimedia.

Due to not being quite prepared for spring break, I took an unexpected blogcation. Sorry. But we had fun playing in Orlando without forking out the money for a Disney park ticket. 🙂

I’m still recouping, so here is the first poem I’ve written in the last six years. It’s how I’ve felt as a conscientious author amid the chaos of Fifty Shades of Grey. Fortunately, the chaos seems to have died down since I wrote the poem, but it’s sure to kick back up again when they produce the movie sequels. *facepalm*

I believe that fiction reflects who we are as a society, and to me that makes the popularity of FSoG that much more terrifying. Maybe that’s why after six years, I woke up with this poem screaming at me. I’d like to say a special thank you to my friend Heather for helping me with the editing process.


I don’t remember falling.

I haven’t seen the white rabbit.

Maybe he’s gray.

His fur has become

Shades of confusion.

Everyone seems to know him.

They hang on his insane words.

I can’t see him,

But he’s a loud bunny.

“Stalking is sexy

Rape is romantic.”

No wonder no one hears me.

I wonder how I can breathe.

I wonder if I adapt…?

Someone get me out of Wonderland.

I am a whisper among the deaf.

If I sell out my Irish tale,

If I turn the terrorist into a hero,

If I throw acid on history,

If I make survival meaningless,

It would be fifty shades of green.

Green as money.

I’d rather whisper,

And wonder,

How to get out of Wonderland.

Well, look at that!

I ripped off Lewis Carroll.

Maybe he’ll show me the secrets of the white rabbit.

I plead to him

Send me the Jabberwock

The grey rabbit is too bizarre.

And I’ve misplaced my vorpal sword.

3 thoughts on “Conviction

  1. I’m disconcerted precisely as you are, equally concerned by the glorification and sensualization of sexual and domestic abuse. You captured those feelings and expressed them beautifully in “Conviction”.

    Kudos on producing powerful poetry after a six-year hiatus, Shea.

    1. Thanks so much Jess! Even if I don’t like a book, I don’t usually speak out against any book without good reason. I personally know how hard it is to FINISH writing a book, let alone edit and publish it.

      However, I believe that this author has been incredibly irresponsible to label this story as a romance. I feel that doing so is a slap in the face to anyone who has survived domestic abuse.

      I’m glad you found my poem powerful! 😀 I hope it helps shed light on the blur of 50 Shades vs domestic violence.

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